Kafala Guide

Required Documents
Kafala Family Card

Enquiry stage:

  1. Meeting with applying families
  2. Submit a Kafala application form

Evaluation stage:

  1. Initial evaluation visit
  2. Detailed evaluation of family
  3. Revision and accreditation of documents
  4. Passing the mandatory training
  5. Meeting of families with the local panel, assessment of the panel to all documents
  6. Approval by local panel followed by security query

TheJourney to Find my Child:

  1. Issuanceof a viewing letter
  2. Meeting and matching
  3. Completion of 6 visits to the child parallel tomedical examination of the child
  4. Providence of a copy of the birthcertificate to start a saving account for the child worth 3000 EGP, or to open a bank accountin "Nasser's Social Bank"to deposit 3000 EGP under the child's name.

Social compatibility stage:

  1. Signing the code of ethics
  2. Conveyance and signing the contract
  3. Transitional merge
  4. Submitting an application for the issuance of Kafala family cards
  1. National ID or passport of husband and wife
  2. Copy of wedding certificate (in cases where the family is composed of a husband and a wife)
  3. Copy of divorce certificate (in cases where the applicant is a divorcee)
  4. Copy of husband's death certificate (in cases where the applicant is a widow)
  5. Criminal status for husband and wife; education qualifications (if present since approval can be granted based on cultural and psychological research along with the committee's decision)
  6. Recent health certificate toprove the absence of viruses B and C from applicants
  7. All requested documents for accreditation of provided information ex. Property statement; monthly salaries, pension, or other sources of income; statement of residence (electricity receipt or copy ofrent/property contract)
  8. Heptagonal drug analysis from agovernment authority
  9. Bank statements ( I score certificate issued from a bank )
  10. Completion of psychological assessment ( MinnesotaMMPI ) multifaceted personality in government oruniversity hospitals, provided that the test result received is approved by the logo of the Republic before being presented to the local committee
  11. Criminal status of families living abroad to be brought from their country of 1 residence and to be accredited by the Egyptian embassy of that country.
  1. Kafala parent/s make an insurance number for the child from the nearest insurance office that gets this number using the national ID number present in the electronic birth certificate of the child.
  2. Kafala parent/s open a bank account in "Nasser's Social bank" under the name of the child.
  3. Kafala parent/s deposit 200 EGP in account number 21812 under"Nasser's Social bank"; Cairo branch under the name of the Kafala parent/s. Another way to deposit the amount is through Fawry using the same bank information.
  4. Kafala parent/s then go to the social administration in their district in order to receive copies of their personal national ID numbers; a receipt to open an account; a recent 6x4 picture of the child and both parents.
  5. The company in contract with the ministry issues the card after sending all the documents to the ministry and hands it over the courier company.
  6. The courier company then delivers the card to the provided address.
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